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Operator III, Hail Injection Job

Work Location:  KSA > Hael


Taldeen is a newly formed company based in Hail, Saudi Arabia. Taldeen provides specialized B2B plastic industrial solutions across various fields of industry. The company’s production arm occupies a giant complex of over 100,000m2 that produces various specialized plastic solutions and handling products. Formed by Tasnee, the company borrows heavily from its founder and is strongly committed to the latest technologies and product innovation. In addition, Tasnee provides a wealth of knowledge to Taldeen through its experience in a wide range of industries and an impeccable success record.

Operator III, Hail Injection Moulding


Performs a range of tasks using or maintaining equipment in a single process area.

Operates higher production machines to perform similar operations or produce similar parts more than a single or closely related step.

Jobs are frequently of short duration, requiring frequent change in set up. Has limited control over product quality.


In this role, you will be responsible of:

  • Understands existing processes, procedures and practices and make recommendations for improvement with supervision.
  • Ensures that the correct process parameters are met, and that product quality and inventory is maintained.
  • Operates complicated equipment, monitoring and controlling a multi area, taking corrective actions as appropriate.
  • Provides support during emergency response situations in line with standard procedures and/or instructions from senior personnel.
  • Complies with all relevant quality and HSE procedures to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Operates and control complicated equipment and monitoring its operation across all process area.
  • Conducts observations on unsafe/safe acts and reports in timely manner.
  • Ensures operational safety practices are being followed, monitoring the work, and issuing permits as per the company policy.
  • Uses a range of tools and methods, e.g.flow charting, Pareto charts, fish diagrams, etc. to disclose meaningful data patterns.                  
  • Uses logic and intuition to make inferences about the meaning, accuracy and relevance of the data and arrive at conclusions.
  • Identifies the major forces, events and people impacting and impacted by the situation at hand and understands the perspective of each involved stakeholder.          
  • Systematically analyzes risks and benefits of alternative approaches and obtains decision on resolution. 
  • Describes working experiences with large or multiple production facilities. Explains the interrelationships between all unit operations within wider control area.   
  • Measures daily and weekly volumes and associated operational requirements.
  • Employs tools and techniques for anticipating demand and assuring capacity.
  • Demonstrates fault diagnosis and problem solving on integrated plant systems.
  • Supports plant startups and shutdowns from a range of situations utilizing standard operating procedures.
  • Leads the determination of the suitability of introducing new feedstocks at a site and develops the trial protocol to minimize impact to the manufacturing process and product quality.



Minimum Qualification and Experience:


  • 10+ years’ experience in injection moulding with a Diploma or High School Certificate


Knowledge & Skills Required

  • Aggressive and strong in his words, actions and Decision making
  • Willing to work long hours according to the Demand of his job and responsibility.
  • Comply with the Health, Safety Environmental Policies
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to plant startups and shutdowns from a range of situations utilizing standard operating procedures.
  • Knowledge in selecting and optimizing specific methodologies for specific products.
  • Able to demonstrates fault diagnosis and problem solving on integrated plant systems.


Job Segment: Equipment Operator, Manufacturing

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