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Engineer II, Planning Job

Work Location:  KSA > Jubail

      An exciting opportunity is available for Engineer II, Planning Located in Jubail, KSA


Job Purpose


Daily Planner is responsible for planning of daily maintenance activities, assigning required resources like materials and services in work orders for the Preventive & Corrective Maintenance jobs.


Role responsibilities:


  • Shall clarify or reject the Notification if there is a valid reason.
  • Shall process the approved Notification within 2 working days and request more information from OMC, if required.
  • Shall evaluate the approved Notification quality to ensure all planning requirements are met and create Work Orders..
  • Shall confirm activity type “W-30, Rework” in the notification and assign activity type “014, Rework” in the Work Order, if applicable.
  • Is responsible for any CRTD system status in work order.
  • Shall perform a site visit together with the concerned maintenance supervisor to ensure proper planning of maintenance work orders as per the method.
  • Shall identify all mechanical, electrical, and instrument PM plans that are related to the same equipment, which planned to be executed within the same period. List shall be shared with maintenance specialist for synchronization.
  • Obtain and clarify scope of work, identify required spares and specialized services for all workorders from concerned Maintenance Specialists/Engineers.
  • Shall identify required manpower and regular services for all workorders as per Maintenance supervisor feedback.
  • Shall raise sub-order/operation line itme for any workshop services needed.
  • Shall request and follow-up material through SBR if needed.
  • Shall reserve & follow up Purchase Request (PR) for any direct charge material.
  • Shall prepare, follow up & update all (HOLD) work orders for execution readiness.
  • Assign W-60 (PM deferral Initiated) user status code in case of equipment, resources, and/or material unavailability for preventive maintenance (PM) job.
  • Shall record all reworks and update the rework tracking sheet and discuss all reworks in weekly planning meeting.
  • Shall confirm unused material returned to WH & service POs issued.
  • Assign technical completion (TECO) for all confirmed work orders.
  • Shall extract and share the 90 days look-ahead (PM) plan with OMC, operation specialist and maintenance specialist for review and confirmation, except shutdown priority. Data extraction shall take place one month ahead of the 90 days look-ahead PM plan.
  • Shall arrange for 90 days look-ahead meeting with OMC, operation specialist and maintenance specialist to review the extracted (PM) list against the Production Plan, and discuss all concerns and re-schedule approved deferred PM activities, if any.
  • Shall plan all approved (PM) WO after completing the 90 days look-ahead meeting.
  • Shall arrange for one (1) month look-ahead meeting with OMC & Maintenance Supervisor for job confirmation and site preparation (If required).
  • Shall develop maintenance schedule (WK-3) based on priority, work center capacity, production plan and budget.
  • Shall attend a daily schedule meeting together with maintenance supervisor, scheduler, and OMC to confirm daily execution & concern discussion.
  • Shall set and update “Standard Available Capacity” for Work Center provided by Maintenance supervisor.
  • Shall share weekly KPI report with concern person.
  • Shall highlight & track any PM issues to maintenance specialist for the required changes if needed.
  • Shall be responsible for Unit SD planning as per applicable method
  • Shall assign appropriate hold code in notification and W.O to distinguish unit and plant SD. Like W-XX “Waiting for Unit Shutdown”
  • Shall arrange for refurbishment of spare components and equipments related to routine maintenance.
  • Preparation of Maintenance OPEX Budget as per history, OMC, Maintenance Specialist and Maintenance Supervisor feedback considering PM Plan and other major CM jobs.
  • Shall coordinate & align with Scheduler for proper scheduling & execution of planned jobs and hold jobs.
  • Responsible for carrying out duties safely. Comply with all the company safety procedures, regulations, and programs.


Qualification and Requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering - Mechanical, Instruments, Electrical or Industrial
  • At least 8 years’ experience in the industrial business as Planner

Job Segment: Electrical, Engineer, Engineering

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